The goal of our webinar series is to support communities connect with people of all ages. Explore topics relating to lifestyle, caregiving, and health and share this learning opportunity with your community.

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Benefits of Optimal Aging

Optimal Aging is defined as "the capacity to function across many domains—physical, functions, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual—to one's satisfaction and in spite of one's medical conditions". In this webinar, Kathleen O'Connor describes optimal aging and it's impact in Arizona and the United States and provides an overview of the Longevity Study.

Caregivers with Ambiguous Loss

Our latest webinar focuses on family caregivers. Ann Wheat, Director of Family Caregiver Services at Duet, discusses the concept of ambiguous loss and the unique stresses it can cause for families. Wheat highlights the research done by Dr. Pauline Boss, Ph.D., on stress reduction for people whose loved ones are physically present, but psychologically absent, which Dr. Boss terms “ambiguous loss”.